Monday, October 10, 2011

10/8/11--Fall Pie Basket

Here is a photo of my finished Fall Pie Basket on Saturday 10/8/11 outside of Morton Community Center in West Lafayette, IN (where I am taking basketry classes throughout the fall).  It is the cutest basket and, when I got home, I popped a pie plate in it and it truly will tote around one pie!  So I love it not only for its cuteness, but it is extremely functional as well.  And you gotta love the little acorn/maple leaf decoration on the side!

This basket also had some intricate inside work (see photo below) in the construction part of the basket.  It's not extraordinarily difficult by any means, but did make me wish I had four hands instead of two at times!  The best part--I was able to keep the round shape throughout the weaving!  The Williamsburg handle helped a great deal to keep a consistent shape during weaving.  The variegated fall color reed was a joy to watch evolve as I wove each row of it around the basket. 

If you've not ever tried your hand at basketmaking before, you would be doing yourself a favor to seek out classes near your home.  Very calming and very productive activity, as you can finish your project in 3-4 hours even with very little experience.  And those finished projects are totally awesome, functional, and decorative.  Big payback for a little investment of your time and talent!

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