Thursday, October 20, 2011

Behold the Power of Grilled Cheese

I have written in my blog a number of times this fall about the Chamber of Commerce weather we have been having in Lafayette, Indiana, this autumn season.  Yesterday, October 19, 2011 was NOT one of those days.  Low to mid-40's temps all day, rain that was light or heavy, sideways or straight up and down, a constant cold breeze.

I had just filled up my gas tank in the inclement weather, and gotten chilled clear through in the process, when the thought hit me--grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup would ABSOLUTELY hit the spot for dinner that night.  I went immediately to the grocery store and bought all the fixin's, and when I got home I made myself two grilled cheeses for dinner.

I ate slowly, savoring each melty, cheesy, drippy, warm bite.  What is it about grilled cheese that just warms you to the bone on a cold, unforgiving day?  It might be one of the most perfect comfort foods ever invented.  Add the tomato soup (I am definitely recommending that you all try Progresso Hearty Italian tomato soup--OMG!) and some pickles on the side (I am a pickle connoisseur, after all!) and I was a happy little camper for the rest of the evening.

Grilled cheese was also a staple of my childhood.  It would have been easy, and relatively cheap, for my mom to fix quickly with three little girls underfoot.  Maybe that accounts for some of the comfort factor that a good grilled cheese sandwich brings me.

Whatever the reason, I was one warm and happy girl last evening after eating my sandwich in my warm little house in the midst of the wind and rain and cold outside.

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