Friday, October 14, 2011

Favorite Words..."Haven"

haven      noun
Definition of haven
2  :  a place of safety; REFUGE
3  :  a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions

HAVEN--one of my very favorite words in the whole dictionary.  Safety, security, comfort, love, family, peace, restfulness and renewal of mind, body, and spirit--all described by that one lovely five-letter word.

I think of my home as my haven.  I can come to my home from a stressful day at work, open the door to welcome guests into my home, hide from the big, bad world in my home, bake and/or cook up a storm in my home, lose myself in a mindless TV show in the family room of my home, snuggle under blankets for a long winter's nap in the bedroom of my home, paint walls and hang wallpaper and sew curtains to beautify my home, create wonderful handcrafted items for myself and others with my hands in my home, and feel safe and secure in my home.  Someday, I hope I get the chance again to cultivate a loving relationship with a special person in OUR home.

My "home haven" is indoors and outdoors at my place.  I have a space in my backyard where I can dig my hands into the dirt in the springtime, watch my garden grow in the summer, and harvest the bounty in the fall.  Birds flock to the birdfeeders that I really, really try to keep full for them all year long.  Mowing the grass gives me a feeling of satisfaction with a job well done.  Having friends and loved ones help you with your yardwork also creates an atmosphere of love, welcome and acceptance into your haven.

We all need a haven; a place to escape to, unwind, relax, and live our true lives and love those we share them with.

Thanks to Original Country Clip Art by Lisa for the adorable house graphic!

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