Thursday, October 20, 2011

HORRORS! Remember This Guy?

If you grew up in Indiana during the 1960's and 1970's, you sure do.  I present to you Sammy Terry, the undisputed king of campy late night horror!

From the website link posted above:  "In the early 1960's, WTTV's Bob Carter and producers developed the character of "Sammy Terry" as an on-air personality. A cloaked, pale-faced ghoul who rose from his coffin on Friday nights, laughed ominously and introduced Horror films as well as provide commercial-break entertainment. Renamed Nightmare Theater and with the banter mostly ad-libbed, the show and Carter's portrayal of "Sammy Terry" won him a large-scale following in the region, which allowed him to be ranked with other horror hosts of the era who operated out of much larger broadcast markets."

Remember his spider named George?  I recall staying up late to watch Sammy Terry on Channel 4 out of Indianapolis; good, funny memories of my teenage years.  Sammy Terry was a staple of slumber parties, too, as I remember.  Sammy's alter ego, Bob Carter, still makes public appearances and draws huge crowds wherever he goes, although he must be at least in his 80's by now. 

Long live Sammy Terry!

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