Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11/5/11--Round Storage Basket

I know I'm kind of behind on my basket postings, but better late than never!  Here is my Round Storage Basket from my Morton class on November 5.

 We had to twine the bottom and weave the same number of beginning rows to "upset" the basket into its round shape; then we were encouraged to do whatever the rest of the way.  We had many materials to choose from and Bev taught us some new weaving techniques.  My basket turned out to be a "sampler" of sorts.  There were reeds that I really liked and wanted to use, plus the triple twining and the arrow twining carried out the theme.

Tomorrow night, 11/17, we were supposed to weave a lid for this basket, but the class was cancelled due to low enrollment.  Bev will meet with those of us that want to weave the lid, however, so I am going to get the lid one way or another!

One more thing--yes, this basket is a biggie.  It is about 12" in height and a tick under 16" in diameter.  Storage indeed; I can't wait!

I am so thankful that I rediscovered basketmaking and have added it to my repertoire of handcrafts.  There is a time, a reason, a season...I am glad it came back into my life.

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