Monday, November 28, 2011

The End of the Year Is Coming So Quickly!

I can't believe (but probably should by now) that Thanksgiving 2011 has come and gone.  I'm having trouble with the concept that Christmas is less than a month away, according to the calendar.  Does time really fly by that quickly as you get older?

2012 is quickly approaching.  New Year's resolutions (yes, I do make them and really do try to stick with them), gathering the materials to prepare my tax return and pay My Man Mitch and Uncle Obama, continuing to delve into the handcrafts that make my heart happy and my hands sing, and realizing my true self-worth have quickly appeared on my to-do list for the new year.

The thing that bothers me, though, right now is that my life seems to be in a state of major disorganization.  Things are uneasy, things are uncertain, things are tight financially, things need to be done yesterday.  I am usually a fairly organized, responsible person, but having my bank statement not reconcile for three of the past four months has discombobulated me.  Tears seem to be my constant companion nowadays.  My house is a bigger mess than I EVER remember it being.

I am hoping and asking God for a Christmas miracle; that all the loose ends will fall into place and my heart will be at ease and happy again.  Most of all, I know I need to have faith and relax.  God usually does make those things happen.  God usually does deliver.

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