Monday, November 28, 2011

Great Songs For Christmas: "Rudolph Mambo"

I am a huge fan of Christmas music!  I know many of you are, too.  I listen to it whenever the mood strikes.  One of my favorite times to play Christmas music is when I am sewing.  What is THAT?  It just puts me in a festive mood when I am sewing something and it's 90 degrees in the shade; it gets my creative juices flowing.

I started a list this fall of my favorite Christmas songs that I hope to share with you all during the coming days and weeks.  The first one--"Rudolph Mambo"--was discovered quite by accident while my coworkers and I were looking for videos to play during our office Christmas party a few years back (our department was in charge of the party that year).

This YouTube video was created by "Lilly LaRose", who made it her 2007 video Christmas card.  The song itself was recorded by Billy May and His Orchestra in 1953.

It is quite cute and choreographed so well.  And, it's a tribute to my favorite all-time Christmas program, which, by the way, is on CBS tomorrow night 11/29 at 8:00 PM Eastern time :-) (shameless promo).  I hope you enjoy the kickoff to the holiday song season on my blog; there's lots more to come and hopefully more video links to post!

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