Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My New Old Kitchen Cupboard

Like many folks, I am struggling with finding storage space in my entire house, but especially in my kitchen.  Even for just one person, there is so much stuff that needs a home.  So much stuff that needs a garage sale, too, but that's another story...

Therefore, I have undertaken a major organization project in many areas of my house--and it looks like it right now.  Boxes everywhere, unvacuumed floor, stacks, stacks, and more stacks.  And Christmas decorating season right around the corner...oy vey!

I have a space underneath my kitchen windows that would be perfect for a piece of furniture with some storage capacity.  My original two plans were either a bench with storage cubbies underneath or a kitchen island cart.  Neither, however, could be over 38" in length at the most because of the egress of the basement door on one side and a large cabinet door on the other.

Well, as luck or fate or whatever you believe in would have it, I was in a local secondhand store on my lunch hour the other day when I came upon this kitchen cupboard for $50.00.  Hoping it would still be there the next day, I went back; it was; and I walked across the street to the bank to get the $$$ and back to the store to buy it.  Picked it up with the help of my mom and dad tonight after work (thanks, you two!) and got it moved into place in my kitchen.  LOVE IT!  I really love the pierced metal panel and the slight degree of rust on that panel.  Gives it a timeworn, primitive look which I adore.

Now, forward march with the reorganizing...

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