Friday, January 27, 2012

More Thoughts On "I Remember Her"

I think that I have to have gotten over 100 comments now on my repin of the blog post "I Remember Her" (should be in the post directly below this post, if you would like to read it).  I'm sure that's no Pinterest record, but it certainly is a personal record for something I have posted anywhere.

Took a moment after filing all of today's comments in my Pinterest folder on Hotmail (yes, I keep everything I get from people on Pinterest!) and thought about the general gist of the comments I have received to this point about the post:
  • crying and/or in tears (I get this a lot)
  • this is true love
  • this is the love I want someday
  • that man is my hero
  • what a wonderful man
  • my husband is just like this
  • if we could all be so lucky
  • this sounds like my grandpa (grandma, dad, mom...)
It occurred to me that so many of us are searching for the same thing; someone to be there to lean on, to depend on, to love.  To adore.  To know.  I hope that, someday, we all will get to that place and realize these wonderful things in our lives.  That our dreams really will come true.

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