Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Patience Is A Virtue, Right?

As long as I can remember, I have always known being reminded of the old adage, "patience is a virtue".

I AM a very impatient person, although I am much better at it than I used to be.  When I was younger, I wanted everything yesterday.  As I grew older and experienced the ups and downs and backs and forths that have shaped my life to this point, I realized that yesterday isn't always going to happen.  And you know what, most of the time that's a GOOD thing.  Sometimes, those good things DO come to one who waits.

This past year was very, very good to me (for the most part). I am happier, calmer and more content than I remember ever being in a very, very long time.  Yet, I find myself growing strangely impatient again.  Is it the rapid approach of 50 years old that stokes this fire?  It's hard to get used to this uncertain feeling again; I do have to say I don't like it very much.  Believe you me, I am trying with all I have to rein it in and get back on the course that has served me well over my years. 

There are things that I am dreaming of, counting on, believing in, wanting, waiting for, wishing for, knowing.  And I'm a little unsettled--yes, even a little anxious--that they are not coming in what I think is due time.  My middle name has always been Anne, however, NOT patience.  Calm down, Lolo; take a deep breath or fifteen and realize you are on the right path.  Good things will come to you that waits--patiently, of course :-)

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