Monday, January 23, 2012

The Wonders of the Hardware Store

Here's my current hardware store shopping list:  Root Gone (it kills roots of trees that get into your septic lines); a small plastic bucket (for holding broken dishes, teacups, etc. that will become recycled drainage material for the bottoms of flower pots) and salt for the snowy sidewalks for the next few months.  Note; I got the salt yesterday when I was out and about, so I can cross that off the list.

Washer Necklaces
But the minute I walk into a hardware store, forget about it.  My mind goes blank and becomes overrun with all the possibilities for the things I see.  I know that hardware stores are for the things you need to buy to keep your home in operating order, but I just see one gigantic craft store when I browse the aisles.

The aisle with the little things like nuts and bolts--I see washer necklaces like the one for which I pinned a how-to tutorial on Pinterest.  Some of the bigger implement-type things--I remember a boy in my ex-husband's 4-H club who used to scour junkyards, secondhand places, and farm auctions with his uncle for rusted, not needed farm machinery parts, and they created welded pieces of art from them.  Good Lord, I can imagine all kinds of things when I look at rolls of chicken wire.

And mason jars--the duct tape of the 21st Century.  SO MANY THINGS you can create from mason jars and use mason jars for, and not just canning.

Some gals like to shop for clothes and girly stuff, and I admit that I like a good shopping trip as much as anyone, especially when there are great bargains to be had.  But shopping in a hardware store is like being a child at the candy counter again.  Oh, the possibilities...

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