Friday, February 10, 2012

Becoming a Turtle

I admit it; I don't like to let things get the best of me.  But this past week has beaten me, broken me, worn me completely down mentally and physically.

I haven't done a whole lot this week.  I feel how high my depression level has risen.  I don't want to even touch my counted cross stitch; no thoughts of baking and/or even looking at a cookbook;  and I'm afraid the wash has gone all week without being done.  I have even lost interest in visiting Pinterest and finding all the great ideas there and pinning them to my boards.

Will I get over it?  You bet; I haven't a doubt in the world about that.  Will it be hard?  Bingo on that one, too.  But it will happen, and I will feel better someday; in that I do trust.

I'm not proud to admit this, but two days this week I was so low that I came home from work, dropped my stuff by the front door, and crawled into bed and pulled the covers up around my head.  And that's where I stayed all night.  I was a turtle, retreated into my shell to hide from the big, bad world and all the problems that it has brought me this week.

There's an old saying that God doesn't give you more than you can handle, that whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger.  I think God may have momentarily misplaced me on his burden distribution list and then discovered that He had already given me more than my fair share.  Thank goodness He found my name again and realized I had enough for now :-)

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