Friday, February 24, 2012

Studies In Womanhood

At basket class last night, I had the pleasure of the company of so many wonderful women, all of whom are taking differing paths down the road of life, yet have arrived at their destination in such a unique, fulfilling, and inspiring way.

Bev, the teacher, is a shining example of not letting the rough patches in life determine the outcome.  In addition to being a master basketmaker, she is one of the calmest people I have ever met in my life.  She has been divorced and has watched a daughter die of cancer at elementary school age.  But she has not let that get her down; in fact, she has created her own business, travels the country teaching basketmaking skills to all ages, teaches the Morton classes in West Lafayette, and just found out she is going to be a grandma this summer!  She has also taken charge of her health by becoming a runner and losing a large amount of weight.  I'm sure it wasn't easy to get to this point in her life, but look at the rewards!

We had a first-timer join us last night.  She suffers from a mental disorder that has left her on disability.  Does that get her down?  No!  Instead, she makes the rest of us look like slugs with her activity schedule.  Volunteering for NAMI (among others), attending multiple support groups, regularly taking her meds to moderate her symptoms--she is one busy gal!  She also realizes that her best chance of leading an active, involved life is to surround herself with positive people.  I am so inspired by her, overcoming her obstacles and LIVING.

Lastly, Joyce and Betty.  Oh my!  These two very active, very wonderful senior citizens regularly attend basketmaking class.  In their professional lives, they were both educators.  Now, they go to basket class among other creative interests (Betty is having a houseful of quilters at her place this weekend for an all-weekend quilt-in!).  Joyce is a huge Purdue women's basketball fan and keeps us up to date on the scores of the games.  She also organizes the carry-in lunch when we have a Saturday class.  I believe that they both participate in WALLA (lifelong learners organization) and volunteer their time for various community services, such as Friends of the Library.  And both have a wonderful sense of humor, a keen intellect, and a ready laugh!  When I grow up, I want to be just like these two beautiful women.

I am fortunate.  Not only did I get to make a great basket last night, but I got to observe and learn from four women who are a success at life and an inspiration for all  of us.  We go, girls!

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