Friday, March 23, 2012

3/22/12--Round Reed Seagrass Basket

Well, here is last night's creation; a Round Reed Seagrass Basket!  This one really tried my patience.  The sides are built with chase weaving, which requires you to lay a new weaver right beside the old one when you need to splice in a new piece.  I had loose ends everywhere!  Plus, the seagrass can be untwisted at each end and twisted back together to form a new piece; well, those were sticking out all ugly too.  Lastly, even though I had it clothespinned in place, the handle kept popping out.  AAARGH!  But it finally all came together, and I must admit that the texture of this piece is my favorite part of the basket.

The best part of last evening, though, was the realization of what a small world this really is.  My friend and high school classmate Gail was there, as was Julie, who graduated from another high school the same year as I and was in 4-H with me.  Bev, Joyce and Heather, who I have written about previously in this blog, were also there.  Nancy, who I had not seen since before the holidays, was also in class last night.  And I met two new gals who I really took to; Missy and Megan, who are working on their graduate degrees at Purdue.  As all of us introduced ourselves during class, it was amazing to realize the connections we all had in one way or another that we had just discovered.  Sisterhood is a wonderful thing!

Getting back into the basketmaking groove is one of the best decisions I have made for myself in a while.  Good friends, good work.

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