Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getting That Agricultural Urge

This week+ of beautiful, warm, June-like weather we have been having in Indiana has stirred up those urges inside of me to get out and get my hands into the dirt and plant my garden.

Due to the high prices of just about everything (I just about keeled over the last time I went to the grocery store), I have decided that, like it or not, I need to pay more attention to my garden this year.  I have also developed an interest in raised bed gardening, where you can sit on the side and harvest or weed or whatever and you can reach across the garden pretty much with one strike of your hoe.

Therefore, I am transforming my garden patch in my backyard from an 8' x8' square to a 16' x 4' raised bed rectangle.  Nothing fancy or too expensive; I am using landscape timbers (some cut to fit) and rebar scraps to pound into them and hold them in place.  My Dad is coming to help (supervise; I don't think he knows that yet, but shhhhhh) so it should be a fairly quick process.  I will have to sow some grass seed along one 16' side of the raised bed to regrow the grass, but that should also take no time at all.

I have even gotten the ex involved in this project; he has promised me some DRY pig manure from the farm (if you want sure money, let's start betting right now on the amount of dryness in the manure I get).  If possible, I might also get the use of a pickup truck and a wheelbarrow to get some of the free mulch from the city pile down by the riverfront.

Please pray that the nice weather holds out long enough for me to get this project done!  I would love to get some potatoes planted as soon as I can.

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