Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Pinterest Ramblings

As most of you who read my writings know, I am addicted to the social media website Pinterest.  It's a sort of online bulletin board to which  you can "pin" and repin ideas, photos, thoughts, etc. you find while surfing the web or exercising your creativity.

Thinking about this this morning, I think the thing that still floors me the most about Pinterest (besides how totally cool it is) is the fact that I have attracted so many followers of either some of my boards or all of my boards.  I think the number is up around 40 this morning, and I only joined right around October or November of 2011.  It's quite an honor and I love seeing those names pop up on my follower list.

In a vengeful way (which is so totally NOT me), I am enjoying the fact that there are so many people out there that like the same things I do and think that my boards are cool enough to check out for their own ideas.  My ex-husband used to ridicule me when I would dream out loud about opening a counted cross stitch shop in town.  "You couldn't do it.  Not everybody likes the same stuff you do."  I can still hear those words like it was just yesterday he said them.

Hate to tell you, dear, but there seem to be a lot of people--all over the freaking WORLD--that like the same stuff that I do, that think I have interesting taste.

Thanks, Pinterest, for being part of my world and being part of my own little cheering section!


  1. I love getting Pinterest followers, too! Especially ones that I don't know!!!

  2. Gina, I think that Pinterest holds so much potential for teachers to create boards and collaborate with each other on ideas for curriculum, classroom procedures, etc. I have mentioned this to Vickie, too.

    I am Laurie Jones Harlow on Pinterest if you'd like to browse my boards sometime!