Friday, April 6, 2012

4/5/12--Cherokee Cross Market Basket

Here is last night's basket--I can't remember the exact name of the pattern, but if I had to guess, it would be a Cherokee cross market basket.  I love making the Cherokee cross because 1) it makes itself and 2) it looks so very cool. 

This is a HUGE basket; rough measurements are 18.5" long x 9" wide by 12" deep (to the top of the handle).  I love how it turned out after not being pleased with the last basket I made.  Sort of renewed my confidence in my abilities.

This is probably the last class I will take until Fall 2012.  Bev, the teacher, is not teaching any classes this summer because her first grandbaby (a girl) is due midsummer and her son and daughter in-law live in St. Louis, which is close enough for Grandma to make many trips to visit (and I don't blame her!).

I sat next to Betty last night.  I have written about Betty in this blog before.  Betty is a retired schoolteacher and is in her 80's.  She also has a condition that tires her easily and makes her shake, so she has trouble sometimes weaving.  I helped her the best I could with her weaving, but she helped me even more by keeping me entertained for the evening.  She is full of spunk; my nickname for her is "troublemaker".  She loves that name and keeps it up.  I hope like anything I am like her when I reach her age.

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