Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All My Raggedy Friends Are Here Tonight

"Raggedy Rachel" pattern by Raggedy Pants Designs

She was and is one of my very favorite dolls EVER.  Raggedy Ann and, of course, Raggedy Andy.  I am sure that the Raggedy Ann and Andy from my childhood are long gone; Mom isn't much for saving things.  And I am also sure that I want to have another one (or two or ten) to display in my house.  Maybe even to hold and talk to again when I need a friend; things don't change THAT much, even when you're 50 years old.

I have the McCalls pattern from YEARS ago that contains three sizes of Raggedys, and someday, I am going to the fabric store to find the pretty floral calico and the red/white striped fabric for the dress and stockings.  And I am also going to perfect a "I Love You" heart for their little chests, just like the originals.

I came upon this cute little gal today while browsing Pinterest.  She is a downloadable pattern, so no wait!  And she is just different and unique enough that she would fit in well with my plans to repopulate with Raggedys.  She is available from a website called 

Can't wait to welcome back some long-lost childhood friends!

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