Monday, April 23, 2012

Lumberyard Memories

My dad and I went to the lumberyard this past Saturday.

The purpose of our trip was to buy more lumber to make replacement railing sections for my front porch.  The ones that are there are rotting away, so Dad is constructing the railing and I am helping and I am also in charge of painting them.

Wandering around the home improvement center and the lumberyard took me back to my childhood, when Dad would pack up the three of us girls and tote us off to Wolohan Lumber on Saturday mornings.  What a treat that was!  Wolohan Lumber always had free peanuts in the shell and a self-dispensing Coke fountain on Saturdays, so that was the first stop once we got inside the door.

Note to any self-respecting store: do NOT provide a self-dispensing Coke fountain on Saturday mornings when children are present :-)

I can remember sitting on top of the giant rolls of carpet, pretending I was on a horse riding across the prairie, my grub in tow.  I think every bathroom vanity, kitchen cabinet, and toilet seat was opened and closed when the Jones girls were in the store.  We would daydream and plan and pick out our future kitchens and front doors and paint colors. Of course, you can't daydream with your sisters without doing it out loud, so we probably provided the entertainment for the other customers.   And that great smell of fresh lumber.  It was everywhere. I truly think that all of those wonderful sights, sounds, and smells sparked my creative spirit even further and helped me hone in on the things I like to do.

Dad took us girls lots of places (no sons, so what's a guy to do?).  Not only the lumberyard, but the dump, the Farm Progress Show, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Such a wonderful education for us and girl time with Dad. 

So very thankful for the time with my Dad this weekend.  Hopefully, I'll get asked again :-)

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  1. Your Dad is a lucky man to have a daughter like you. Enjoy the building project and keep spinning the memories with us.