Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Laurie's Book Review: "Scatter Joy"

I don't usually recommend a book to anyone without having read the whole darned thing first, but this is a first for me, too.

"Scatter Joy: Living, Giving and Creating a Life You Love" is by the artist Kathy Davis, of whom you know that I am a HUGE fan if you have read my blog at any point in the past.  It is a guide for the creative soul to following your dreams, basically.

I have just finished the first chapter, which is a kind of autobiographical sketch of Kathy's life and career to this point and the mantra which has helped her to accomplish so many of her personal and professional goals: "put yourself out there".  Seeing her many wonderful pieces of artwork and the empire that has sprung from it, it is hard to believe that she was afraid to do just that at one point in her life.

Skimming through the following chapters, I can see that many more real-life examples of accomplishments in Kathy's life and career are to follow.  I am looking forward to reading and studying them.  The book is also loaded with photos and prints, which is visually exciting and delightful.

Obtaining this book is not the easiest thing in the world, but it can be done; you can get an signed copy at (see link above).  I got my copy used from (no new copies in stock at either Amazon or Barnes and Noble).  If you need some guidance and/or renewal in your life and the creative spirit burns within your soul, I think this book would benefit you greatly.  Happy scattering!

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