Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't Bite, Kick, or Pick Your Nose

My job with a local school corporation periodically allows me to work one-on-one with students--mostly the primary grade variety--by administering tests at parent request for our high ability classrooms.  It absolutely is one of the highlights of the position I hold, just because I love the interaction with their world.

Problem is, I am a sucker for each kid that comes through the door.  They are all as cute as buttons, but more wonderful is the outlook they have on life and the fact that they are not afraid to share that point of view with anybody and everybody.

Case in point:  I had a little guy in here this morning to complete the first part of his testing.  He was a chatterbox and focused fairly well on the task at hand for his age.  But he would just blurt things out; whether he was trying to be friendly, work off some Grade 1 nerves, or maybe a combination, I don't know.  One thing he said to me, though, made me laugh out loud:

"This has been a pretty good week.  I am learning not to pick my nose and so far this week I haven't done it."

Add that to my cousin's spunky preschool-age toddler, who, when she came home this week and her mother asked her how school was that day, replied: "I didn't bite anyone and I didn't push anyone".

Just being reminded of those things--the little, most important things--made it a pretty good week for me, too.

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