Monday, July 16, 2012

Domestic Tranquility

I have read before that the relative neatness and organization of your home/living space influences your attitude a great deal.  If this is so, my 'tude is in the gutter and heading toward the sewer quickly.

One look at my house and you would think I was trying to qualify for the next season of "Hoarders".  As a matter of fact, I looked up the definition and symptoms of this disorder on the Internet and I think I have some of the traits of a hoarder.  Why, though, I don't know.  All I know is that I need to get the clutter cleared and maybe the mess in my mind will follow suit.

My new kitchen curtain valances.
"Simple Praise" by Park Designs.

When things are this bad, it's hard to know what step(s) to take first.  You know that a storage/sheving unit of some type in the family room would help with the junk buildup immensely, but 1) do you put down carpeting first before building the unit?  2) how much is it going to cost? 3) will my back hold up through all the construction? and on and on and on...

I've decided that painting over the faux brick in my kitchen is the best, cheapest solution for changing the color, preserving the drywall, and brightening my spirits.  But when am I going to fit in cleaning and prepping the brick for painting?  Can I go ahead and put curtain rods into the brick to hang the new curtains, or should I wait until the brick is painted? 

Should I wait for another community document shredding day to come around, or should I spend the $$$ on a shredder, start shredding this excess paper, and hope I don't burn out the motor on another one?  And I even have the urge after all this to repaint my living room.

And--where is all the money for this going to come from?

Good grief, I need to stop ADDing and do something.  Stop making excuses, stop being scared.  Take the plunge.  If it is to be, it is up to me.

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