Monday, July 9, 2012

Laughter In the Rain, Little Kid Style

The reunion of my mom's side of the family, which is a rather large gathering when we all get together (my mom is one of eight kids), took place yesterday at the park in Mulberry, Indiana.

One thing I love about the Jewett Reunion is the amount of little children that are there.  I think that is a given when you have a extended family the size of mine.  No little babies yesterday, but plenty of tinies from toddlers up through grade schoolers.

Yesterday, Mulberry was blessed with two very nice downpours of rain within about an hour.  It didn't take long at all for the little ones to discover the water ponded up at the bottom of the slides, on top of the merry-go-round, and under the swings on the playground.  Pretty soon, a whole horde of tiny bodies with soaking wet pants and skirts made their way into the shelterhouse to reload on cookies and other child-friendly "energy snacks".

Watching them splash in puddles made me smile and made me wish I could go back to being that carefree.  I was painfully aware yesterday of just how down I have been for most of the year and how much I wish I could get back to being me.  The craft table was equally fun, watching the little ones carry away their picture frames decorated with little precut foam shapes.  They were so proud of them, even if they did have 15 alligators with one flower pressed haphazardly all over the place.  I am so darned wrapped up with doing everything as well and as fast as I can that I miss the lesson and value of letting go and having fun.

Maybe if I sat at a picnic table soon, balanced a bottle cap on top of my head, and made silly faces--well, most folks would think I'd finally lost my freaking mind, but I think I would feel very good and partly young in spirit again.  I think I'll try it soon.

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