Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Because Love Wins"

A friend passed away this past weekend.  Not of some horrible disease, a senseless crime, or even a terrible car accident.  She evidently fell and hit her head and died of severe brain bleeding.

Terry was a beautiful, vital, intelligent 48 year-old woman with a husband, two children, a solid marriage and a wonderful life in Wichita, Kansas.  After working for General Motors, Cessna, and Raytheon in human resources management, she chose to devote her life to raising her children and caring for others through her church.

Her sister Laura Beth, who was my college roommate and high school friend (as was Terry), wrote this beautiful tribute to her on Facebook late the night she passed:

"Thank you all for posting such encouraging messages during this sad and tragic time. My dear sister Terry passed this afternoon. Her husband, Alan, my Mom, Sig, Tom, Carol and I were at her side. She suffered tremendous swelling in the brain after a fall. We will miss this amazing woman, mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend. My emotions are all over the place right now. But I do know this...Terry would want to be remembered by sharing a kind word to your neighbor, performing an unexpected random act of kindness, forgiving someone you just don't want to forgive, believing in someone no one else does, telling others you love them, making your family a priority. Life on this earth can be taken away any time. Please let's make our lives be all about loving others because love wins. Thank you for remembering and loving Terry."
Because love wins.  Rest in peace, sweet angel.  Although I hadn't seen you in forever, I miss you just the same.

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