Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bombdiggity Women, Part II

Julia Child, "The French Chef"
Here is the second in my series of posts on women who just impress the heck out of me by just living their lives with all they have or had and using their talents to better everyone around them. 

I happened to catch Julia Child cooking show reruns on the PBS channel Create last Sunday.  I just enjoyed so much her guests and the charming way she interacted with each, respecting their talents while injecting some of her own culinary knowledge.

I actually heard her say this on one of those reruns, too:  "Salad is for sissies and the French".  You gotta love a gal with a sense of humor like that!

Another really amazing thing about Julia was that fact that she served her country during World War II as an top secret intelligence operative for the Office of Strategic Services.  Posted at different places around the world, she did all kinds of things, from typing file cards to working on a shark repellent. 

Bombdiggity in many, many ways--that was the wonderful Julia Child.  Today's TV personality cooks are fun to watch as well, but no one (yet) matches the wit and wisdom of Ms. Child.

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