Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Muskmelon Connoisseur

At this moment--even though I have eaten my lunch--I am salivating.

I treated myself and bought a muskmelon from a roadside produce stand today on my way back to work from the noon hour.

The thought of that orange fruit with the musky smell and the perfect level of sweetness, the juice that invariably drips down your chin and onto whatever you are wearing--I can hardly wait.  Plus the fact that muskmelons are chock full of good-for-you nutrients; that seals the deal.

I have been craving muskmelon ever since July.  Of course, when I orignally set out to get one was when the salmonella outbreak got a foothold, with many people being sickened by contaminated melons from farms in southwest Indiana.  And, in my opinion, melons from southwestern Indiana are the best. Not only a blow for me personally but for those farmers in my home state who are already suffering through a horrendous growing season.

I knew, but I asked anyway.  It was grown in Battle Ground, just a few miles north of where I live.  The TV news talking heads say that if you ask and the melon was grown locally, you are ok.  So I asked and I bought, and am now looking forward to going home, slicing it into a bowl, and popping it in the fridge for a few days' worth of meals.

Summer may be slipping away quickly, but there's still time to enjoy those simple pleasures, like cool, smooth muskmelon on a warm August day.  These are things we remember when the wind chill rears its ugly head come next January or so.

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