Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sea Glass

It's one of Mother Nature's most beautiful gifts--sea glass.  When I am at a beach, whether lakeshore or ocean, it's one of the things for which I keep a very keen eye on the sand.

Such beautiful colors that can range all the way from the most common white to the very rare reds and oranges.  The forces of nature--wind and water--create the frosted, pebbly texture and the deep, true jewel tones.  What is left for us to enjoy is the end product of Mother Nature's masterworks.

Just by staring into a piece of sea glass, I can actually visualize the water, feel the sand, hear the waves.  It's a nice, serene, comforting place to be.

BTW, I've decided that the bathroom decor plan may be changed to a sea glass theme.  I can't wait to develop those thoughts a little more and see what actually happens :-)

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