Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/17/12--Halloween Goody Basket

This basket--a Halloween Goody Basket--is the product of my basket class last night at Morton Community Center.  As always, the teacher was Bev Larson, who is great and so knowledgeable and so encouraging.  Thank you, Bev!

Halloween Goody Basket
This one tried my patience at the beginning.  I was trying to "upset" my basket too fast and too much ("upsetting" is when you start to weave upward, shaping the basket as you go).  Doing this made the weaving extremely tight and very difficult to pack.  Bev saved me and the rest was a piece of cake--or maybe pumpkin pie, since the basket is supposed to resemble a pumpkin.  My fingers are still aching a little bit this morning from all that packing work last night!

I particularly love the colors used in this basket.  I plan to use it in my house through Thanksgiving (that's why I chose not to put a little Halloween decoration on it).

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