Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Day With the Bridge

I spent a beautiful October Tuesday at the Covered Bridge Festival, an annual event that takes place in the towns of Parke County, Indiana, which claims to be one of the spots in the United States with the largest number of covered bridges.  In particular, I visited the town of Bridgeton, which has a rustic, charming old mill.

The Bridgeton (IN) covered bridge, which was rebuilt in 2006 due to an arson fire

First of all, I am sore from all the walking, but that is a given.  Bridgeton is in a valley and the terrain is flat, so that is nice given that you walk on concrete and crushed stone all day.  The place was packed, which was to be expected.  You just have to plan your itinerary (i.e. lunchtime) around the crowds and you will be okay.

Food?  CHECK!  My mom and I shared a Kentucky ham and cheese toasted sandwich (not quite grilled).  It is an excellent meal and half a sandwich fills you up for pretty much the rest of the day.  I look forward to it every year the way my dad looks forward to the ham and beans and cornbread meal that the Boy Scouts serve there as well.

Even though the merchandise was a bit different than last year, it still was probably a 60/40 mix of flea market to crafts.  Sadly, I didn't get any ideas to take home and try with me.  However, I was thrilled to find a woman who hooks rugs the old-fashioned way (with wool strips, not with a latch hook) had set up shop in one of the buildings, and had beginner kits on sale for $20.00.  SOLD!  I am excited to try this heritage craft (I watched the ladies hook rugs at the State Fair and got to try my hand at it there for the first time) when I get a few other projects under control.

I already mentioned it, but the weather was wonderful!  You can't ask for a prettier fall day than the one I got yesterday.  And, I think Parke County got more rain this drought summer than Tippecanoe County did, because the colors are just gorgeous down there!  The sunshine was even brighter reflecting off the leaves.

Bridgeton has become a fall ritual for me, and yesterday I grabbed the chance to renew my spirit and catch my breath from my busy daily schedule.  Cell reception is nonexistent in that valley, so I even had to wait till I got home to post photos on Facebook and Instagram.  It's a nice step back into a simpler time and I am glad I made the journey.

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