Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why I Am Voting For Mitt Romney

I love my country.  I am unabashedly proud to be an American.  Think of all the freedoms and opportunities we have that can be found nowhere else on earth.  Freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom to speak and write, freedom to believe in any god that we choose.

In my opinion, the last four years have been a hard lean to the wrong side of all the things we hold dear.  Never mind the fact that it is not really clear just who is running the show in DC.

I want my country back.

We cannot afford--economically, militarily, security-wise, educationally, spiritually, humanely, morally--another four years of the "leadership" we currently have at the helm of this great nation.

Who do the terrorists want to win the election?

Mitt gets my vote.

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