Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Knitting Chronicles--Introduction

I have decided to take up knitting.  It has proven to be a comical journey to this point.

I pinned this pattern from Pinterest for my first project.  I know enough about knitting to be dangerous (basically knitting and purling), so I figured an easy new stitch (seed stitch) and a new technique (knitting on circular needles in the round) might be just what I was looking for.

"Blue Agave" roving yarn
As I was ready to start my project sooner and not later, I journeyed to the craft store and selected this roving wool yarn (the color is "Blue Agave") by Martha Stewart/Lion Brand Yarn.  The pattern only calls for one skein; I hope it's right, because that skein is awfully small.  I might be learning another new technique--how to add another skein of yarn while knitting :-)

Lesson Learned #1:  I CAN cast on like the method described in the book.
And I must say they look nice and even and consistent.  I had no idea I could do it!

Lesson Learned #2:  There are different lengths of circular needles.
I had my 49 stitches cast on as described in the pattern I chose.  The pattern said you could cast on extra stitches as long as you kept it to an odd number so that the pattern would be effective.  So I kept casting on because I couldn't reach one needle with the other (a circular needle is two knitting needles joined together by a thin plastic cable, so that you can knit in the round).  After a while of still not being able to reach the other needle, I set my work down and read the book more carefully.  Well, it so happens there are 13" needles (the size called for in the pattern), but they come in different lengths (which I didn't come to until the comments section of the pattern).  I needed a 16" needle and I had bought a 29" needle.  Oops!  I got the correct length needle and yes, it does make a huge difference.

The good thing is that I think I can just transfer the cast on stitches by sliding them carefully off one needle and onto the other, then undoing the extra stitches I had cast on in order to get back to 49.  Oh well, it's a learning process, right?  I just hope wool roving yarn is forgiving enough to not lose its shape.

I am planning to share my knitting victories and defeats with you on this blog, so I hope to have something more to share with you soon!

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