Monday, February 11, 2013

2/10/13--Oval Wood Bottomed Basket

Check out my little watermelon basket!

Oval Wood Bottomed Basket
Of course, that's not the name of it.  It really doesn't have a name other than Oval Wood Bottomed Basket.  But it looks like a tiny watermelon to me.  It also is the same shape as a mini laundry basket.

It was so much fun to put together because of the solid wood bottom.  Solid wood bottoms have a groove around the outside.  We stuck the ends of our spokes in Gorilla Glue and inserted them into the bottom, evenly spaced them out, and let them dry for 20 minutes.  Then, the weaving began full bore!

There were three of us in class that day, and although we ended up with the same shaped basket, the reed we chose to weave with gave us three completely different looks for the same basket.  One basket was woven with dyed red and dark blue reed, which gave it a very cool checkerboard look.  I will have to remember that pattern for a future basket.

That's it for basketmaking until April (unless I do something on my own, LOL).  I'll miss it!  I was trying to save some money (due to the tax cut uncertainties at the beginning of 2013) and allowing myself time to work on the Home and Family Arts Open Show entry book, which will be at full steam in March (deadline of April 1).  I will be ready to get back into the creative flow of things by that time!

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