Friday, March 1, 2013

Longing For Spring

Today is March 1, and I am really getting antsy for spring and springlike weather to arrive on the western Indiana plains.  Today is gray and dreary, not unlike my attitude lately.   The weather doesn't seem to know whether it wants to rain or snow outside; sometimes, it does both at the same time.  And the cold--around 32 degrees--is that damp, bone-chilling cold that keeps you looking for the closest warm place in which to stay.

I want flowers, and warmth, and baby animals, and the green leaves popping out on the trees.  I'd love to open the windows of my house and let in the fresh breeze.  I am ready to drag the outdoor furniture from its winter home in the garage to its summer headquarters on the front porch.  I am set for a trip to the local hot dog and root beer stand; it wouldn't be open if it were to be winter much longer, would it?

March is the month of my birthday, and also in 2013 the month of Easter.  Let it rain, let the sun shine, let the gentle winds blow--let it be spring soon!