Friday, October 18, 2013

I Think I'm Going To Have To Learn Stenciling...

Hand-lettered signs are all the rage nowadays in country and primitive home decorating schemes.  All kinds of sayings and slogans are available in the pages of magazines and the displays of stores.  The downside is that those signs are pretty pricey.

Fear Not!  I have found a company, The Stencilsmith LLC, that has the coolest collection of stencils I have seen in some time.  The stencil above--the unofficial slogan of Pinterest users everywhere--was my first go at the craft of stenciling in years, and it turned out great!  I used a coffee brown for my background and a lighter shade of gold for the lettering.  I actually made two; one for my office and one for my home.  I was thrilled with how easily the technique "came back" to me once I got going.

Stencil project #2 is upcoming for a coworker (I will miss her greatly) that is moving with the family to St. Louis to begin a new life and career.  It is pictured below:

She chose a cream background with barn red lettering, and also to have the sign "distressed" to look old.  I am looking forward to completing this project!