Tuesday, February 4, 2014

And To Go With That Soup, May I Recommend...

Larry the Cable Guy Beer Bread Mix

Yep, that's right.  Larry the Cable Guy Beer Bread mix.  The "Git 'er Done" guy has expanded his talents into the world of food. 

I've just recently discovered just how good beer bread is with just about any hot meal.  And, when I was trying out different types of beer bread, the one that was most often recommended to me was the mix produced and sold by Tastefully Simple, a home sales company.

Well, while keeping the Tastefully Simple mix tucked into my memory, I was at a Big R store.  Big R is a farm and home store in the Midwest (based in Watseka, IL, but there is one in Crawfordsville, IN, about 30 minutes south of my home) that has a really nice food department for their size, and it's always a good idea to browse their shelves.  One day, I came upon Larry the Cable Guy mixes on special for 99 cents apiece.  Yes, you read it right; 99 cents apiece.  That was too good of a bargain, so I picked up a couple, then begged a couple of beers off my Dad (I don't drink beer and he does, but only in the summertime), and headed to my kitchen for the great experiment.

Much to my surprise, the bread was excellent!  Very moist and that sweet flavor of the yeast from the beer was evident but not overwhelming.  Plus, the loaf baked to a nice size.  I've still not tried the Tastefully Simple bread, but given the opportunity, I would pick this one up every time.

Try it out sometime and see what you think.  Hey, if it saves you money and tastes great, there's no reason not to!

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