Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thank Goodness For Nice Guys With Big Muscles

Well, we got our expected snow dump last night (mine looks to be about 8" right now).  And, as expected, my work didn't close, but they delayed opening till 10:00 AM.  Our schools are closed, but we are considered to be "essential" personnel, so we have to go to work on snow days.

I didn't take advantage of the 2.5 hour delay today to shovel snow; instead, I tucked my tired carcass back into my warm bed and caught a few more zzz's.  When I went out to clean off the car and start it, I realized what an adventure driving to work today was going to be when I looked at my pant legs and saw snow crusted 3/4th of the way up my calves.  Not funny.

Pulled away from the curb.  Good so far.  Driving slowly, which is the best you can do in a passenger car in this kind of snow.  Got to the end of my street.  STUCK.  Hopelessly, deeply stuck.  I took a  deep breath, closed my eyes for a quick "please help me, God", and started the routine of reverse-drive to try and get out of the snow quagmire.  Nothing.  Nothing at all except more stuck.

Along comes a big black SUV, slowing down.  Out gets a friendly, strapping young guy, who came straight to my car door and said "I'll help you".  He pushed on the back bumper and I kept doing the reverse-drive maneuver.  Eventually (probably about ten minutes total but it seemed like forever), my little engine that could popped itself around the corner and into the street upon which I was trying so unsuccessfully to turn.

His name is Don Suto.  He's from Lafayette.  He had just dropped his wife off at Wabash Center, which is a facility for the developmentally disabled that is located at the end of my street as well.  For once, I had good timing and good luck, as Don was there when I needed help and, most importantly, he stopped to help me.

Immediately, I realized that I had absolutely NO cash on hand to pay Don a little thank you gift.  He just smiled and said, "I wanted to help you".  Five words that so many people need to hear and, today, I heard them when I needed them the most.

Angels come in all shapes and sizes.  today, mine wore Carhartt bibs and a friendly smile.  Thank goodness for nice guys with big muscles.

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