Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hate Speech

You all know me by now, and know that I am not a person who even occasionally spouts off my political beliefs to anyone who will or will not listen. But this incident really, REALLY bothers me.

The photo above shows a letter received by Julie Boonstra, who is a cancer patient in Michigan whose out-of-pocket medical expenses for her cancer-fighting drugs will increase greatly under her Obamacare health plan.

Ms. Boonstra is a schoolteacher, and has had to sell her home and end her career in order to afford to continue her fight for her life against this terrible disease.

The plight of Julie Boonstra is a major issue in the current Michigan senatorial race.  Depending on whom you read and/or believe, Ms. Boonstra is either a right-wing plant with  made-up symptoms controlled by conservative puppetmasters or an example for American citizens who will be up the famous creek without a paddle as Obamacare takes over the national healthcare system.

I'm not really concerned with the political X's and O's here.  What I am concerned with is that evidently it is considered acceptable and a good idea by our society to send hateful, despicable garbage such as this to a person that is suffering.  When did we degrade to this point?

"Hope cancer kills you soon". 

This is something I would not wish on my very worst enemy.  Cancer kills many, many people in this world on an hourly basis, and the pain and suffering of the patients and their loved ones is a pain that no one should have to endure--but many do it daily and willingly because it is their Dad, Mom, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend--you name it--whose life is on the line.

Not to sound like a geezer (although I think I am officially one on account of my age), but if I would have dared write something like this and mailed it to a person, I would have been damn near ostracized by my family and friends, and that shame and embarrassment would have been enough to change my way of thinking.  Thank God my parents instilled a strong sense of right vs. wrong in my sisters and me.

Things like this make me worry for the human condition.  Will our little children of today grow up to be monsters like the person who wrote and mailed this letter?  Will our society eventually bottom out and morality re-bloom like the forest after a fire?  Or will we just further devolve into animalistic savages with no care for the life of others? For OUR sakes, I certainly hope love wins.

Here is a link to an interesting article, "The War on Julie Boonstra", from the National Review (disclosure:  a right-leaning publication)

The War on Julie Boonstra

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