Monday, March 30, 2015

New Friend, New Chapter

Well, here she is...

This is the new experience I have brought into my life within the last two weeks.  Her name is Tink, or Tinky Winky, or Stinkerbell, or The Queen, or the Tinkster; all short for Tinkerbell, which I hate.  She is a three year-old Chihuahua who was rehomed with me through the PawSwap of Greater Lafayette organization.

Tink belonged to an elderly gentleman who fell and broke his hip.  He was transported to Indianapolis for surgery, did rehab in Indy, was brought back to Lafayette to continue rehab, and his family decided that he could no longer care for her.  They contacted PawSwap, I saw their Facebook post, and the rest--as "they" say--is history.

At three years of age, Tink had never been spayed, so we went through that ordeal a week and a half ago.  The microchipping at the Humane Society didn't go so well, so I had her microchipped while she was out for her spaying.  Her evil-looking little claws were trimmed, too (I will gladly pay someone to do that for me).  I also was told that I need to come by the vet and pick up a light sedative to give her so that she is somewhat mellow when she arrives for any treatment.  Good grief!

She is housebroken (thank God, what a blessing!) and she is also crate-trained, but I don't currently own a crate for her.  A bed is on its way to me that was ordered online, so hopefully she will take to the bed quickly--although it is nice to have her warm little body snuggled up to me at night.

We are to possibly have thunderstorms today and tonight, so I wish I was at home so I could observe her behavior.  I might be stocking up on doggie downers or something pretty soon if thunder or lightning are more than she can take.

Her rabies shots are up to date, but I was told a couple of days ago that she has not been vaccinated for bordatella or parvovirus for at least two years, so we will be doing that when I get my next paycheck.  I also received her contract; as soon as I complete that and return it to PawSwap with my $90 adoption fee, Tink will finally be mine.

We are going through quite an adjustment period, which I expected.  I believe that Tink probably ruled the roost at her previous home, so we are relearning the whole leader/follower concept.  My fingers are pretty chewed up from her nasty little bites (sometimes they hurt so bad I wind up crying), so I have put Tough Love Plan B into place when necessary--which is scolding and ignoring her when she does bad stuff and rewarding her appropriately when she does good stuff.  Slowly but surely, I think we are making progress.  I don't and never did plan to give up on her.

I noticed last winter--the winter that would never end--that I was lonely for company after my Jack Russell Terrier passed at age 15 from cancer.  I knew I wanted a small dog, but not necessarily a Chihuahua.  When I saw her photo in that Facebook post, something clicked; I just knew.  The very next day PawSwap contacted me, and our adventure began.

Wish me luck, because we have a lot of social behavior skills to work on.  But she can do it; I know she can.  Hopefully, our adventure together will be a long and happy one.

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